4K Cattle

     4K Cattle Company

Specialists in organic, natural, grass-fed and export beef

Livestock delivered on spec


Whether you are preparing for a large internet initiative, stocking a grocery store or designing a private label program, 4K will deliver the livestock to meet your needs. We understand that "on-time and on-spec" deliveries are vital to your success.

Livestock that delivers profit


4K raises livestock with the consumer in mind. This means that 4K knows that delicious, tender, well marbled beef, with a savory flavor profile and high yields translates directly into consumer loyalty and higher profits.

Livestock delivered with help


Our industry knowledge and expertise has both depth and breadth, and our producer consortium and rancher network is the best in the business. We are also highly adept at creating specialized livestock programs that take into account all of your goals and objectives. 

                Cattle raised and finished with proven techniques for market-leading quality and consistency

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